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Hospital Services


Your pet is unique, and we take that into account when designing treatment plans, vaccination protocols and general health guidelines for your pet. Your pet's needs vary with each life stage, and we can help by customizing care for them through specialized diets, immunizations, wellness testing and much more. We are here for the life of your pets!


Our surgeons are able to perform a wide variety of procedures from routine spays, neuters and dentals to advanced surgeries such as orthopedic procedures. With the latest in anesthesia drugs and monitoring equipment, our skilled veterinarians, certified veterinary technicians and support staff keep your pets safe and comfortable throughout their entire stay. Most procedures are done on an out-patient basis, so that they may be at home with you that night after their procedure. 


Advanced Diagnostics

We have a full in-house laboratory encompassing tests such as complete hematology and blood chemistry, urinalysis, cytology, and fecal examinations. We also utilize several outside lab resources when necessary for the most comprehensive care of your pets. 

Digital Radiology and Ultrasound

Whether bone or soft-tissue diagnostics are needed, we have digital radiography capability and on-site ultrasound capability. Results are immediate, with amazing clarity and accuracy.  

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Chemotherapy services are specifically tailored to the needs of each individual.

Laser Therapy
Class IV Cold Laser therapy is used to treat many conditions, and is prescribed by the veterinarian.  


We are fortunate to have access to several specialty and referral practices here in Jacksonville. From internal medicine, oncology, opthamology, orthopedic specalists to dental specialists and emergency and critical care specialists, your pets needs will be met by the very best in the field. 

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