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Hurricane Irma Update

September 7, 2017 Hurricane Irma Update

Coastal Veterinary Hospital – Hurricane Irma Emergency Plan To all of our clients: Please note that we will be closed on Saturday, September 9 at 11am for the hospital and pet resort. Dog Daycare is closed all day this Saturday, and will not re-open for normal business until Tuesday, September 12, unless otherwise advised.

Boarding clients:

If you are wanting to pick up your pets before the storm, please be sure to do so before 11am on Saturday, September 9. Due to the hurricane, all boarding pets will remain in our care until Tuesday, September 12 when we anticipate re-opening for business.

Please remember, we strongly recommend that you take your pets with you in the event of a mandatory evacuation. We will have a few staff members here to care for pets, but they may not be walked in the event of severe weather. We will do all we can to keep them safe, fed, watered, and comfortable. As with all major hurricanes, we anticipate power outages, phone outages, internet outages, wind damage, and possible water damage. We strongly recommend that all boarding pets have a microchip implanted. We can do this for you while they are here and have them entered into the HomeAgain registry for $30. This is a $19 savings for you, and a great way to permanently ID your pet should the worst happen.

Please be sure to check in on Facebook and our website at for updates and more information as the hurricane progresses. We pray that everyone remains safe during this emergency, and that everyone returns home uneventfully.

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